About Me


I’m Kolyn, originally from Dublin but now living in Waterford in the Sunny South East of Ireland with my husband, Denis.

My day job sees me doing all sorts of weird and wonderful creative things for Beat, the biggest radio station in the region. Up until recently, I also worked most weekends performing as Joanna Ryde with whom I’ve had lots of adventures over the years including writing a book, winning the prestigious Alternative Miss Ireland, appearing on TV shows including the All Ireland Talent Show, Podge & Rodge and Britain’s Got Talent and performing all over Ireland.

This is not my first rodeo when it comes to blogging. I had lots of fun blogging at JoannaRyde.com for a while and started WorldAbandoned.com a few years back. I’ve said so many times “I’d love to write a travel blog” and so here I am.

My plan is to entertain you with my stories, tips, advice, videos, pictures and lots more, all with a little bit of humour thrown in. I’ve had so many wonderful adventures during my travels and I’m looking forward to sharing some of those.

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled to 60 countries so far with more planned! Everywhere I go, I get a flag and add it to the Wall Of Flags in my apartment. It began in the 13th country I visited, Malta, and has continued ever since.


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Country number 50, Canada, added to the Wall of Flags! 🇮🇪

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I’ve had so many wonderful experiences over the years so I’ll be looking back on some of those as well as talking about any current travels. I might ramble on about some other stuff from time to time including, but not limited to, movies & TV, theme parks, Lego and my home city of Waterford.

I hope you enjoy Kolyn’s World!