Kolyn Ryan-Byrne

Oh hey hun! I’m Kolyn and I’m on a mission to visit every country in the world. So far I’ve been to 72 and already planning more.

This is a travel blog with a difference. You won’t find pictures of skinny models jumping into clear blue seas here. I don’t know any models for a start. Instead, you’ll find non-pretentious, honest travel advice, experiences and opinions.

It’s a travel site that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’m not afraid to laugh at myself and I’m certainly not afraid to laugh at other people. If I can make you laugh too, all the better.

I’m not a backpacker or full time traveller and I don’t have any insider contacts in the travel industry. I’m just a bloke who likes to travel, and seeing as you’re here, I’m guessing you do too.

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